About Us

If the cutesy, mushy, sentimental, or "trying to be funny" Hallmark cards sold at your local drug store either put you to sleep or make you want to puke, Get Feisty is where you want to be. We offer greeting cards with attitude, not platitudes.

Hi there. I'm Natalie Mikaels, a boisterous, sarcastic Italian from New Jersey. I created the Get Feisty greeting card line based on that east coast, old-school sense of humor - playful banter you'd see in a Brooklyn neighborhood in the 1960's. But no F-bombs (for the most part) or sexually explicit sentiments. Get Feisty offers a novel and offbeat approach to greeting cards , which is embodied in our company name. "Get Feisty" represents a 'speak' in which you can call your friend a dumbass as a term of endearment. Get Feisty cuts through the bullshit and tells it like it is. We are not elegant, reserved, awkward (maybe a little creepy at times), gracious, or refined. We break chops, and if you know what that phrase means, you’ll love our products.